for critters Certified Equine Therapist

RAPID NFR Specialist, RMT and

Pain Management Specialist



"I have tried everything and nothing has worked"

This quote is most often than not from new clients. They call / text / book online with 20-30 year old chronic pain or because they have not been healing at ideal speeds after acute injury or pain mysteriously starting. 

Wanda Hansen's training is not limited to certification as a RAPID NeuroFascial Reset specialist with a background in (and current) RMT. A quick review is that this technique focuses on restoring function and relieving conditions that impact all soft tissue with a neurological approach to be pain free. Direct billing to insurance companies is available. More can be found in the sub tab Therapy under Services. She is certified for equine alignment, muscular acupressure, and massage therapy (with other animals experiences and had specialized training during her course). Wanda travels to your location to work on your animal(s). She works rain or shine and even in the winter. Wanda works closely with her clients to arrange for the best situation for all.


There will be some events that offer multiple services at the same general location. If you would like to have Wanda come to your location please call to discuss the opportunity.

Wanda strongly suggests that clients (for themselves or animals) take time to ask therapists questions to really get to know them. Their education and past history can be critical when making your choice on whom to book with. It is vital to make sure your therapist does have hands on instruction. 

*A RMT with 3000 hours may not be more therapeutic than one with 2200 hours, it will depend on each therapists approach to their clients healing that will make the difference. 

*For animal therapists please make sure they are certified and not just have a certificate of attendance and have more than 5 days of instruction. Equine therapy is not regulated in Alberta or Saskatchewan and the schools that certify are not as well. While Wanda highly suggests having a vet examination prior to working on animals it is not mandatory.

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  • "Really enjoy coming to Wanda for my massages. It is a very relaxing experience. I leave feeling refreshed and booking my next appt before I leave! Awesome job Wanda!"
    M. P.
  • "My Chihuahua Tequila developed an extremely stiff neck. He was not able to play and run like he loved to do. It was very obvious that he was in incredible pain and I was at a ..."
    Dawn & Tequila Fortin
  • "Since I started coming to Wanda for massages I have less back, neck and shoulder pain. I had received a gift voucher from a co-worker and am very glad that I used it. Wanda does..."
    L M
    Manning AB